I am looking for a program having the following features:

  • can display all the steps of the simplex algorithm applied to a given linear program
  • has a GUI to write down the linear program we are trying to solve

If possible:

  • ability to save the linear program
  • allow to select pivot
  • free
  • runs on Windows 7
  • offline, i.e. not hosted on some website

The website MathsTools is pretty good but has some bugs and lack the ability to save the linear program:

enter image description here


Lispide was invented just for you.

  • I don't know what you call all the steps of a simplex resolution, but it does provide intermediaries rather than just the result in basic mode
  • It has a magnificent GUI : enter image description here
  • You can save the program,
  • You cannot choose the pivot - it uses the biggest coefficient of the line considered as a pivot. There may be a way to tweak this, but none that I know of.
  • It is free
  • It is advertised to run on Windows 7, but I've used it only on vista.
  • It is offline.

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