My current mouse has a "back" and "forward" button on the thumb-side.

I am looking to buy a different mouse that doesn't have those buttons, therefore I would like to have an application that can assign a keyboard shortcut to these tasks such as:

Ctrl + Caps Lock = forward button

I do not want it to emulate a "backspace" press, I want the same backward signal that a mouse would send so that it works in OneNote and every other application too.

Does such thing exist? I don't care for a small fee, say 20$ but not something over 50$.

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    Usually Alt+Left arrow/Alt+Right arrow works for back/forward.
    – vclaw
    Apr 30, 2016 at 9:42

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I used AutoHotkey to solve my issue.

The point of all this was to take a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse and turn the Windows button into a forward page button.

Here is the much complicated script that made it all possible:


Basically it turns your right Windows button into a forward page button, but who uses the right Windows button anyways?

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