I need a dictaphone app for my HTC One mini to take audio notes. Features I need:

  1. Start recording at a press of a button (say, "volume up" button), maybe long press of a button. It would be nice if it could play some sound so that I know that it did in fact start recording.

  2. It would be great if the recorded audio notes could be dropped into Dropbox.

There's a built-in Notes app that comes with HTC One mini; is it worth using?

I need an app that could (if this is at all possible), at a press of a dedicated hardware button, make a recording and drop it into Dropbox. E.g. look a the instruction for the notes app from HTC. It says: "1. Open the Notes app." That's not what I need. I need my phone to be able to record a note whenever I press a dedicated hardware button, no matter what app is there on the screen. Most likely, the screen will be locked at the time. I don't really know whenever this is possible, but I hope it is.

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