I'm building a CMS and looking for WYSIWYG editor for the submission form, something like CKEditor or Trix, but with Markdown support. The editor used on GitHub looks like the perfect candidate. It not only uses GitHub-flavored Markdown, but has drag-and-drop file support (example). The editor used by SuperUser would be a great second choice.

Are either of these or similar editors available as OSS projects?

I was under the impression that GitHub would be adding it to Primer, the site's CSS framework, but that project's Markdown page has had a "Coming soon!" stub for over a year.

  • As asking whether or were to get "product X" doesn't fall into the scope of this site, could you please edit your question and include what features you need? And leaving out the F of (F)OSS, would you be willing to pay (if so, how much)?
    – Izzy
    Apr 26 '16 at 21:07

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