It is more convenient and easier to search and manage some files from a PC than on an Android using an Android file explorer (such as Root Explorer).

I have tried a lot of PC Android helper programs (made in China). They do have similar function, but lack superpower features:

  • Search file from /.
  • Drag PC folder/files to an Android directory in the file browser.
  • Support Windows shortcut, such as Delete,Ctrl + C,Ctrl + V.
  • Sort paths by metadata, such as creation time, last modification time.

… because they are mainly working as app market. (Google Play is blocked in China, so there is a lot local software producers want to be the mobile app entry and develop such things. I think they are a little like iTunes but much more powerful for idiot with many functional tools embedded, for idiot make them contain some properties of rogue software, that's why I don't want to use them.)

So I want to find a pure (no extra features besides file manager) and full power Android file manager for PC.

Of course it should use root permissions. My Android is rooted.

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    What about a (S)FTP server on your Android device and a (S)FTP client on your Windows PC?
    – wb9688
    Apr 26, 2016 at 13:00

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QtADB does not satisfy all requirements, but a good part of them:

  • Show root
  • Copy/rename/etc
  • Sort files by metadata
  • Works on Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Free and open source

Unfortunately no CTRL-C/etc shortcuts and no search.

QtADB explorer

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