Is there a Firefox or Chrome add-on/extension that automatically pops up buttons (Copy, Search) when you select text from a web page? Thus allowing you to avoid the right click button as much as you can.

Something like this:

Next to the highlighted text, two buttons "search" and "copy" are shown

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    It doesn't currently have the copy operation, but Selected Search has the search functionality you desire. It also looks trivial to add code to perform a copy operation. If this works for you, I can expand it into an answer. Apr 26 '16 at 6:11
  • You were inspired by using Opera, right? If not, use Opera for this feature. I am actually looking for this in Firefox, too.
    – Michael S.
    Mar 30 '17 at 9:11
  • @MSC Sorry for late reply, I think Opera didn't have that feature when I posted this actually. But it's nice that they implemented the feature exactly like I imagined it.
    – Asme Just
    Aug 22 '17 at 7:17

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