I'm looking for a software (or lib with python bindings) to generate quality tet/quad mesh in an easy to use toolchain, for input in a FEM solver. The operating system is Windows.

The capabilities needed:

  1. Modeling 3D surfaces. Mostly planes and basic surfaces of revolution. Cylinder, torus, sphere and combinations of these. Free surfaces (as in NURBS) are not a necessity.
  2. Calculation of the intersections of these.
  3. Exporting the geometry for some free tetmesher for meshing, or
  4. Meshing said surfaces, exporting the meshes (coordinates, topology), in some easy-to-parse format.

The software should be actively maintained - I want to use it for quite some years. I have currently Grasshopper3D and Sketchup in sight, both of which look great, but seem to be kind of an overshot. However, I have not tried these yet.

Edit: some example pics are here (the pics with the solid models are not relevant): VisualFEA Preprocessor

  • Blender should be able to do that. It has some export formats which are standardized, e.g. OBJ. "Easy to use toolchain" is hard to quantize, though. You can use Python as a programming language. Apr 25, 2016 at 21:49
  • Thanks, Blender sounds great, especially that its free. As of easy to use: this was rather a thought for myself - easy for ME to use.
    – jake77
    Apr 27, 2016 at 16:54


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