I'm looking for a font editor possibly with the following specs:

  • ability to edit / import most common types of fonts (ttf, woff etc)
  • export / import svg files as glyphs
  • set basic glyph positioning with grid support (as in illustrator)
  • full unicode support (including latest 6+) with named sections
  • lightweight and with a native interface
  • not a vectors editor, just a font editor

Any kind of software is welcome, including commercial software.

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There are two options I'm aware of that will work natively under Windows:

  • FontForge is the obvious suggestion. It helps that it is cross-platform. One screen-shot:


  • Softy is a very old piece of software (shareware), but again, depending on the platform, it might continue to be useful. I used it quite a bit many years ago, and it was great for tweaking TTF fonts (pre-Unicode days). A third-party review fills in details:


    It runs under "Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT)", but I'm quite certain I used it with XP as well. (And as I update a dead link in 2018, can confirm that it still works under Wine in Ubuntu 1.04 LTS!)

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Font Creator. It allows more than 2,000 composite glyphs as well as import images (GIF, PNG, BMP, etc.) and vector files (PDF, AI, EPS, etc).


Fontlab studio 5 (shareware) is the best software for font editing. It has a trial version available. It has numerous useful tweak option for fonts and you can include Python scripts.

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