For the desktop, I know there are many tools that can do exactly this such as...
Animatron, Synfig Studio with this plugin, Snap.svg, and even Blender

Basically, I'm looking for a similar tool like say Animatron for Android (However, it can also be for iOS as well).

  • I'd like to be able to add/draw shapes/lines/text to the canvas
  • Change shape's colors
  • Add effects (Gradients, blurs, opacity, etc:)
  • Animate the shapes/lines
  • Group/Ungroup shapes
  • Export as Video

Edit: AlternativeTo is a great resource to find free alternatives to software (Just doesn't currently have one I'm looking for). I get it creating an animation tool for mobile is easier said than done. However being 2018 I'm sure there's one out there I haven't found yet or isn't well discovered.



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