In a DEFCON talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UZQe38u6k8) someone mentioned that they could plug a USB drive into a computer for 5 seconds and have hashes of locally stored passwords. I am interested in how this could be done, so does anyone know of an open-source bit of software that I could load onto a typical USB drive and have it do this? Please note that the scenario doesn't involve a stupid user opening up any suspicious exe's and giving them admin rights.

Specifications: Should be open source, work with any flash drive, and work on Windows.

I understand that this probably looks like I just want to be malicious without writing my own code, but I can only say that I really have no desire to steal Windows logon passwords.

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You can use samdump2:

  • free + open-source
  • should work with any flash drive
  • dumps the Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/7 password hashes

You'll have to launch it though autorun.

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