I know of sympa and GNU Mailman and currently, my university offers the possibility for email lists.

However, I wonder if there is a free (as in beer) publicly usable service which allows the creation of email lists. Users should be able to register /unregister themselves. Both, sympa and Mailman are ok (there might be more), but I am asking for a hosted service.

Email lists such as mailman are services used to communicate / share information. You can send an email e.g. to [email protected] and the service sends the email to all subscribed students at KIT. They might also offer an archive, but that is not so important. I am only asking for the very basic service. If there are many free services which offer this functionality, then I might ask for more.


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I think Google Groups and Yahoo! Groups has that feature. I haven't used Yahoo Groups in a long time.

You could also research what software this site uses: https://sourceware.org/lists.html


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