I'm looking for KCachegrind alternative software which will read and analyse PHP application profile data.

The features should include:

  • reading trace files generated by XDebug (xdebug.auto_trace/xdebug.profiler_enable)
  • should support new Subposition Compression format
  • compatible with the recent OS X (El Capitan)

It would be great if it's free of charge, but premium apps with reasonable price are also considered.

  • Yupp, much better. I'll reopen it now – please also add whether it must be free or how much money you're willing to spend :)
    – Izzy
    Apr 19 '16 at 15:00

Here are some alternatives:


Another premium alternative is ProfilingViewer, available on the Mac App Store. Can display the data as Treemap, Call graph, Heatmap, Call tree, can hide system functions and has a source file viewer annotated with the costs. Handles multiple types of costs. Can print PDF Reports. It can combine multiple metrics into one chart.

Profilig Viewer, Callgraph

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