I'm looking for something like Penrose or MyVD. My requirements:

  • virtual directory accesible by LDAP v3 protocol and supporting bind and search methods;
  • gets its data from remote LDAP v3 servers one of which is Active Directory;
  • connection is enrypted using SSL/TLS;
  • can join entries with the same UID from diff erent LDAP sources;
  • has some ACL capabilites, so I can set which tree branches can be queried by which user/client;
  • no anonymous access;
  • it has logging capabilites;
  • it can work in read-only mode (it doesn't have to support any other mode)
  • it's free (gratis), doesn't have to be open-source;
  • it's fairly modern (e.g. I don't need to install old Java 1.5 JRE like it is with Penrose VD Studio) and its development isn't halted;
  • there is active community of users around it;
  • it can be run on Linux;

What I am trying to achieve? We have some web applications which I want to authenticate its users using LDAP. These applications can use only one LDAP server, I cannot configure them to use more LDAP servers. Moreover, some of my LDAP servers aren't accessible from outside of organization (e.g. Active Directory), so I need something that will join data from my internal and external LDAP servers and present it to the client web app.

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