A task to accomplish

Replace my read queries to a DB with requests to an in-memory snapshot of said DB to improve my server's performance. I've a DB of a very moderate size, with a few write requests and limited number of clients.

Set of features the library in question should have

  1. available in .net
  2. compatible with MS SQL Server
  3. provides database change broadcasting mechanism
  4. is able to populate memory with objects from a DB
  5. and keep them in sync as records in the DB change
  6. works with user defined classes,
  7. -or- provides machinery to generate said classes form a DB schema

Not a solutions to my problem

  1. Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2, etc.
  2. NHibernate, EntityFramework, etc.


  1. if you only know some good terms to google for, shoot

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