What database software can do these?

  • Scalability via data partitioning, such as consistent hash.
  • Redundancy for fail over. Both memory cache and disk storage together. Key-value data. Value is document type such as JSON.
  • Prefers A and P in CAP theory.

I heard that MemcacheD can do these all, but I am not sure.

Here's details:

  • Data storage volume is, <30KB JSON document for each key. Keys shall be >100,000,000.
  • Data is accessed >10K times for a second.
  • Persistence is needed for every key-value data.
  • No need for transaction.
  • Development environment is C#, but other languages are ok if the protocol spec is known.
  • Map reduce is not needed.
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    Are you looking for an embedded database (to integrate and ship with your application, like SQLite) – or a database that runs stand-alone, separate from your application, and can interact with it (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)? Any price limit? License concerns (e.g. must it allow for commercial use)? – Izzy Apr 13 '16 at 11:57

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