Looking for a good recommendation for stop motion animation software. My son recently did a computer camp and really enjoyed making these films. The software used at the camp was Animator DV, so he's familiar with that, but I've no idea how it compares to others. Of course open source would best best, if there are any options. I don't mind paying a small amount for something good but am not looking to spend over $100. We'd be using it with a standard USB webcam. Thanks!

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Although I haven't tried any of the software myself, I have found a couple that might be of interest (none of them is open source, however).

  1. First, if your son knows and likes working with Animator DV, you could use their ANIMATORDV SIMPLE+ version of the software. Also, their non-commercial AnimatorHD Home edition is definitely under your $100 budget (it's just $29.82).

  2. Next, there is MonkeyJam:

    • runs on Windows,
    • works with USB webcams,
    • is free,
    • has a film preview slider so that you can see the previously stored frames that you already shot
    • you can cut, duplicate, or reshoot frames,
    • a whole lot of other features.
  3. Then, there is StopMojo:

    • runs on Windows (is cross-platform),
    • works with USB webcams,
    • is free,
    • onionskinning,
    • capture of 1,2,3,4 frames at once,
    • etc.

It's not much but maybe something to start with.

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