Goal: Develop my application in my own Linux server, through a self-hosted IDE.


  • Open-source

  • Compatible with Linux servers

  • SSH Bash-like terminal (autocomplete it's the most important feature in terminal)

  • (Just to mention) Access it via a browser and/or application

  • To develop applications based solely in web technologies: JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, HTML, CSS

Optional plus features:

  • Simple to install and configure

  • GitHub integration

  • Collaborative editing

  • Sublime Text key bindings (or option to customize key bindings)

What I already know:

  1. Codebox : Meets all requirements, but it's frozen since Corvisa's acquisition
  2. Codiad : Extremely simple, but collab. editing doesn't work anymore, it lacks sublime key bindings and development is almost frozen
  3. cloud9 (v2) / c9 (v3) : Respectively discontinued (v2) and not fully open source anymore (v3).
  4. Eclipse Orion : (please add details here, since there is almost no one in official website)
  5. Eclispe Che : (edited) It is online again and it is a possible candidate. Answer for it, if you want :)

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Eclipse Che is online again and is the only known option at the moment.




Theia meets exactly all the mentioned requirements and much more.

You can run it on desktop and on cloud and it's open source. Incredible project!


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