I'm looking for a program to view my photos but I'd like to see at once:

  1. original photo
  2. grey preview
  3. sepia preview

So, at first, I have a list of thumbnails of images in a folder. Then when I click (or double click) an image I see preview of this image as is and in the sidebar the same preview but greyscaled and sepia (both smaller).

Main usage: browsing photos taken and see if one photo looks better as grey or sepia.

I don't need any editing capabilities. Saving grey or sepia version as a new image would be a nice feature. Image file manipulation (especially delete a file) would me nice feature but not required.

Currently, I use XnView and this is more than enough for me to browse images except it does not have the grey/sepia preview.

The software would be for home (private) use. Thus, I'd prefer it for free or very small fee (like 10 $) with a trial period.


  • Type:
    • image viewer
  • OS:
    • Windows
  • Must have:
    • greyscale and sepa preview at once
    • move to next/previous image in folder with keyboard
    • preview of jpg images
  • Nice to have:
    • save grey/sepia preview to new file
    • file manipulation
    • image manipulation
    • show file metadata (like filename, EXIF) - easily turn on/off
    • preview of RAW images (Canon 70D)
  • Usage:
    • home (not commercial)
  • Accepted fee:
    • upto 10 $, preferably free
    • accept ad-ware
  • Which format(s) of image files are you looking to (pre)view? Just jpeg, just common formats or do you need raw as well? If you need raw for which camera(s). – Steve Barnes Apr 10 '16 at 9:17
  • @SteveBarnes I've added reply to post content. – koral Apr 11 '16 at 10:47

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