I kept using Speed Download for a long time after its demise, until it broke under El Capitan. The downloader itself still functions, but it can no longer intercept links from Safari.

I've been using Folx recently, but its most irritating feature is that it insists on coming to the front when a link is sent to it & presents a dialog to confirm before the download will actually take place.
Its second most irritating feature is that for no apparent reason it periodically relaunches itself if quit & bounces in the Dock. When I go to see what it wants... it wants nothing.

I've also tried Downie - but that's not really what I'm looking for. YouTube download capability is low on my requirements list.

Of the capabilities of Speed Download, what I need is

  • Multi-stream/segmented downloads. This is my prime concern; segmenting & DLing 12 simultaneous streams is empirically the best way to max my bandwidth.
  • Intercept from Safari
  • HTTPS/SSL-capable, including passwords for specific sites
  • No insistence on being frontmost to commence download

Less important

  • Timer function, preferably set & forget, so I can set downloads for overnight
  • Resume capability.

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