I have a desired feature for a project I'm working on that I'm having trouble finding a tool to handle. Here is the goal:

  • Display a PDF form in the browser and allow the user to fill it out.
  • Pre-populate certain form fields with data.
  • Allow the user to submit the PDF to a .NET web server, retrieving the values in the various PDF form fields.
  • Save a copy of the PDF the user completed.

Ideally this tool would be free. The pre-population of data I would say is a nice to have.

Any recommendations? Perhaps this will require more than one tool/library. Thanks in advance.

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The Adobe FDF Toolkit is old but still works and is free. In the documentation at the link below are suggested workflows that will show you how to prepopulate a PDF, submit it as though it were an HTML form so you can use any technology to parse it. You can also submit the entire, saved, PDF as a big blob of data that you can store.


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