Windows often fails to boot (XP, Vista, 7 all) if the computer suddenly turns off due to power failure. Then I get stuck in boot loop of the boot screen. Is there any way to install Windows in a pendrive? Any software recommendation?


For Windows 8:

The Enterprise edition of Windows 8.x has a feature called Windows To Go that lets you create a working version of Microsoft's tiled operating system on a USB memory stick. You can boot into this and be instantly up and running in the new OS from any computer. Which is great -- provided you have the Enterprise edition of the OS and a "certified" USB drive. If you only have the standard version of Windows 8.x then the option isn't available to you.

  • Thank you. I guess nothing for windows 7 ultimate? And which USB drives are certified? – user44289 Apr 10 '14 at 18:27

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