I do searches on the net and frequently see obviously bad results float to the top. I primarily search in Firefox, or a Firefox clone or derivative, using DuckDuckGo. These types of sites come up looking for reviews, software, alternatives, etc. To the trained(?) human eye, they are immediately obviously not something I want to click on, but I wonder if they have already been blacklisted somewhere. After all, the people behind these sites are getting more clever and more nefarious and I find myself falling for them more often, and some of them sound legit and use English instead of auto-generated text or Engrish.

Here's a concrete example. I came across some videos lamenting YouTube's clash with "the studios" and "Hollywood" recently, using the hashtag #WTFU (stands for Where's The Fair Use?). I was wondering if there are viable alternatives to YouTube, so I searched for "alternatives to youtube". Here are the top few results:

Top 10 Best Alternatives To YouTube - TheTopTens.com

5 Video Sites That Are Alternatives to YouTube - MakeUseOf

YouTube Alternatives: 7 Best Video Sharing Sites For 2015

YouTube Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.net

10 YouTube Alternatives for Small Businesses
[Search domain smallbiztrends.com] smallbiztrends.com/2014/01/youtube-alternatives-small-busine...

5 Alternatives to YouTube - ZeroPaid.com

If you didn't know that MakeUseOf, TopTens, and AlternativeTo.net were clickbat/scams/garbage already, you might be impressed by their domain names. However, it's 2016 and the more relevent a domain name is, the more I suspect it of being over-commercialized to the point of being a scam, if not fraud.

Is there some kind of extension, plugin, or other tool I could make use of to warn me of these?

I guess Web of Trust purports to do what I want, but I'm still not sold on it (I don't know why). Maybe I'm worried about it leaking details and false positives for opinions like political sites. I am primarily interested in sites that will harm my computer. I'm a grown up and can handle things that may or may not harm my eyes.



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