I am looking for a library to create PDF in web form asp.net application.

My requirement is as follow:
I have to get the data from the database and build PDF, the data can either be a plain text or HTML content. So I am looking for a the library which can parse the HTML content as well and display it on PDF, build tables, formatting the PDF etc.

I have researched online and found itextsharp for .net which is popular and most powerful but looks like they have made it a paid licence when used for commercial purpose. So I am looking for some thing which is open source or else if it is less expensive librabry.

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I used GemBox.Document, it supports writing PDF files, importing both plain text and HTML content, creating and formatting tables, etc.

If interested here is how I used it:

  1. Load input word document that has placeholders (merge fields) that should be filled out with data from my data source.
  2. Retrieve data source from my database.
  3. Executed mail merging.
  4. Save output PDF document.

FYI this article (www.gemboxsoftware.com/support-center/kb/articles/41-how-to-insert-html-and-rtf-content-during-the-mail-merge-process) shows how you can customize mail merging so that you can import a HTML content.

Last it has both Free and Pro modes, but Free mode has some document size limitation.


Essential PDF can be used to build PDFs. It supports binding to data or inserting content as needed.

The entire product is available for free with no limitations through the community license if you qualify.

Note: I work for Syncfusion

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