Commuting by train in rural Germany, I am looking for a provider that can give me usable data connections throughout my trip. So I'll have to consider 3G and 4G coverage from four different operators. I would be ok with restricting my Android data setup to only consider 3G networks, if that reduces pauses during handovers. My main goal is continuous coverage in any one network.

I'm not too keen, however, on buying four throwaway SIM cards and making eight roundtrips while staring at the signal strength indicator.

Is there any software I can install on an Android device that takes measurements of network communication across all networks?


You can take a look at the data on OpenSignal who have good coverage maps of a lot of areas and you can also get their App which will allow you to record the signal strength rather than staring at the screen. Plus if you were to get the four throwaway SIMs then given that the rails are mostly very close to each other and most rail trips are routed the same way in each direction then just two round trips, (one SIM per one-way trip), should gather the data you need.

App Screen

App Screen

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    Wow, I lost track of this question for a loooong time, sorry ;-) I found the data provided by OpenSignal t be helpful but not quite perfect. There does not seem to be a better alternative, however. What I did find out is that it takes quite a few measurements to get meaningful results in order to average out local effects (people, weather etc.) given that mobile devices have very restricted antennas. – jstarek Jun 19 '19 at 8:19

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