I am looking for a good hexadecimal viewer for Linux.

It should have a GUI and be intuitive to use.

It should also be able to compare two files and maybe even show a diff.


Hex diff viewers with console/terminal graphics:

  • vbindiff, Divides screen into top and bottom, no right/left view, fixed-width output.
  • hexdiff, Same top/bottom look as vbindiff, fixed-width output, and it can be a hex editor.
  • dhex Top/bottom diff viewer, hex editor, resizable-width output, (fits terminal), and offers better navigation.

Graphical hex diff viewers: I don't know of one, but here's a shell function using mgdiff, (which has left/right view), and hexdump (AKA hd), inefficiently:

mgdiffhex () 
    a="/tmp/$(basename "$1")$$.hex"
    b="/tmp/$(basename "$2")$$.hex"
    hd "$1" > "$a"
    hd "$2" > "$b"
    mgdiff "$a" "$b"
    rm     "$a" "$b"

Then run:

mgdiffhex foo bar

Notes: The hexdump util can be invoked with formatting options that allow for arbitrary terminal widths; mgdiffhex can be resized but lacks any means of reformatting the hex dumps within the resized window. Combining them makes for a crude graphical hex diff viewer.


The answer is wxHexEditor in Ubuntu repos.


  • Could you please add a screenshot showing the diff feature? Thanks!
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Aug 11 at 7:11

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