I'm looking for software that can auto generate chords for obscure string instruments or weird tunings.

Let's give a scenario:

  • I have purchased a rare South American string instrument.
  • I input the number of strings and their individual tuning (maybe some are double string with different tuning, maybe some are single string or double string in same tuning). this one is vital. I know there is software that does the next for a specific instrument, but I am looking for something that has this functionality here
  • I ask for a specific chord (might be very complex or very simple)
  • It outputs the possible ways to play that chord.

I have my doubts if such a piece of software exists, considering that you have to take into account the limitations of the human hand (maybe as well as commodity).

I prefer (not required; though) that the software is:

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, or Android
  • Gratis
  • Any OS preferred? Does it have to be free? – Tom Mar 26 '16 at 16:10
  • Preferably Windows/Linux/Android (which is what I own). Free would be nice, but I would be willing to pay. – Marshall Mar 26 '16 at 16:12

it's not exactly what you're looking for, but Chord.Rocks will do most of what you're asking. It's a website so it's free and will work on any web browser of device. it can do chord and scale lookups and reverse chord and scale lookups.


It includes several music instruments, mostly stringed. You can enter any custom tuning. so if your rare south american string instrument has 6 strings, you can select "guitar", enter the tuning, and the chords and scales will be the same. You can do this for instruments with 4 (ukulele), 5 (5 string bass), 6 (guitar), or 7 (7 string guitar) string instruments.

It won't fill all of your requirements since it can't do more than 7 strings or work with double stringed instruments where the strings are tuned differently. but it might be as close as you can get (especially for free).


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