I want to be reminded about tasks with highest priority. For example notification about that I should plan my yearly doctor visit is useful – but not on day with extremely high priority tasks like „final checks before release of a new project”. On the other hand unimportant task close to its deadline should be listed as with higher priority than important task without deadline.

Program is not supposed to guess which tasks are more important, I will happily provide this information.

generic requirements:

  • ability to export/import all data
  • must not store any data on remote servers I can't control
  • it must be able to run on linux PC, mobile versions with synchronization would be nice
  • open source is strongly preferable, but maintained closed source project is acceptable
  • gratis software is preferable, but paid one with trial period/limited demo is also OK

list organizer specific requirements:

  • ability to add tasks with ability to specify for each task:
    • priority - unimportant/important/very important/highest possible,
    • deadline (or lack of it)
    • start date (before that date it should not appear)
    • reoccurring (daily/ yearly/other) - after it is marked as done copy of it is scheduled one day/year/specified time later
  • undo/redo would be nice
  • Like AbstractSpoon ToDoList, just for Linux :-( Sorry, don't know. Can you run it in Wine or so? – Thomas Weller Apr 20 '16 at 15:14
  • @Thomas - for now I am testing it on windows - and it seems to be quite promising. I will check whatever it works fine in WIne. – Mateusz Konieczny Apr 20 '16 at 22:29

Priority Oriented TODO list manager

I highly recommend emacs orgmode

Orgmode Demo jpg


  • You can prioritize your items
  • Recurring tasks
  • open source (part of gnu emacs, included by default in modern releases!)
  • Linux (and other OS's)
  • local files (you can place under version control)
  • I did get emacs running on my Android tablet (but it's not super easy)

It's really easy to get started, just open a file in emacs with .org as a suffix, and breeze through a tutorial.

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