I am looking for an NVR software.

  1. Needs to support UniFi Video cameras
  2. Support RTSP (real time streaming protocol)
  3. Fulltime recording, scheduled recording, and motion recording
  4. UI to monitor/setup NVR (preferably web based) that is accessible on the LAN
  5. Email alerts, on schedule, when motion was detected
  6. Don't have a big preference for OS
  7. Price is not much of an issue either
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    Which OS must this software run on? Any price limit?
    – Izzy
    Mar 24, 2016 at 12:05

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I recently converted my network camera to use ZoneMinder. I run it under Ubuntu and it works with my Samsung SmartCam. ZoneMinder supports many cameras, and, even though mine was not in the list, I was able to get connected with the help of users on their support forum.

ZoneMinder is open source and provides many features including:

  • RTSP streams.
  • Continuous recording and motion detection.
  • Web based console to control the software.
  • Email notification for events.

I've not tried to use it on a “scheduling” basis, so, I don't know if it supports that. However, “scheduling” seems like something that can be set up in the OS.

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