As a good 'power user' my Windows 7 install has a few years running strongly. I just opened task manager and I have 185 processes currently running (granted most are chrome windows).

I was wondering if there is a program that analyses the running processes and gives you a kind of report on unnecessary programs running to optimize cpu/mem usage.

For example, I noticed ipodservice running, java updater and other updaters that can be safely stopped because they usually are not needed all the time I'm running the PC. Also some stuff that is not 'malware' but is crapware or at least not really 100% needed.

At the very least a program that analyses all programs that run on startup and gives some tips that some of them can be disabled without major problems.

I know how to analyse this manually, what I am seeking is a program that understands that 'ituneshelper.exe' is used by iTunes and if you don't use itunes a lot you can disable it without major troubles. (and tells you what the problem is if you disable it).

Edit: startup lite helps a bit, but it's somewhat limited and only targets things on the startup list.

  • How does the program know that you don't use iTunes a lot? Should it e.g. run for 30 days, monitoring your activities and then give advice? There are lot of snakeoil products out there promising quicker startup, better performance etc. But ... none of these ever worked for me. Usually they screw something up. Mar 23, 2016 at 21:02


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