I'm developing a website on my local machine on a VM backports of the production site. It's gotten rather large and cruft over the years, and one of our problems is link breakage.

I'd like to run a program that scans the site on my local machine and gives me a report of 404s. In addition to parse HTML links, this spider should be able to parse the CSS to test links in there. JS parsing would be a bonus.

I am running on Windows with the VM guest being Debian, so a Windows or Linux solution would be great.

From doing Google searches, I've found a number of websites that offer scanning services for public websites, but my local dev site is not public-facing. I need something that will run on my machine.

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    Related: Website Link Checker for Linux. Purpose was exactly the same (finding dead links on my sites), though I was (and am) "fixed to Linux", so it might not be an "exact duplicate" ;) – Izzy Mar 22 '16 at 17:05

You could always try scrapy - it runs under python and is cross platform and free or for something already put together there is also the python based LinkChecker - also gratis & opensource.

Link Checker is available for Windows, OS-X & Linux and comes with both command line and GUI interfaces.

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