I'm looking for a database engine that will be used as e-mail storage solution

Each record will represent email with all typical fields:

  • sender
  • recipient
  • cc/bcc
  • subject
  • body
  • text only version of body
  • attachments with original filenames + contents of attachments as binary data

My project is a proof-of-concept. I'd like to start with single database server, but if it will succeed need to easily add next servers

Key features I'm looking for:

  • Should work well on low-memory commodity hardware. Servers with huge HDD but small CPU/RAM
  • Clustering/Replication
  • Ease of scaling up. Need more capacity? Add more servers
  • Cluster should allow live node addition and automatically re-balancing and re-sharding
  • Adding new servers should not need a DBA with 10 years of experience or reading through 1000 pages of manuals

Any recommendations?

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