Normally I use GNU wget to grab websites recursively.

But I want to fetch some websites with lots of Unicode URLs for various languages and I'd like to keep the Unicode in the filenames. (Here's an example.)

wget has commandline switches --local-encoding and --remote-encoding but they don't seem to support Windows' native filesystem encoding, UTF-16. I think this is because wget is designed for *nix which never has UTF-16 as a system encoding for filenames and Windows ports of wget are not official.

Is there another tool that can do this job under Windows and keep the files using correct Unicode?


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You can use HTTrack Website Copier for this.

You can download it from This link.

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    I did run HTTrack on the website whose link I gave as an example. The resulting filenames were not in the same correct Unicode as used in the site's URLs (IRIs). Mar 24, 2016 at 22:14

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