In last year's CppCon, the wonderful Andrei Alexandrescu gave a talk on designing memory allocators, (in?)aptly named:

std::allocator is to Allocation what std::vector is to Vexation

(earlier titles: "std::allocator is to Allocation what allegator is to allegation" or "writing allocators which don't not-work").

Now, I'm not looking for a copy of his code, but rather something based on it, which:

  • Has proper/better support for alignment (hopefully via template parameters, perhaps even including the alignment in the Blk structure?).
  • Incorporates a richer variety of known allocation algorithms
  • Is used by more than 2 people :-)

Is there such a thing out there?


Yes, there is: Felix Petriconi's

Allocator Builder library (GitHub)

Quoting from the repository description:

A highly composable, policy based C++ allocator.

The layout idea of the library is was presented by Andrei Alexandrescu at the C++ and Beyond 2013 seminar and at the CppCon 2015.

So just what OP asked for. Additional general information:

The composable allocators provided as of March 2017 are:

  • affix_allocator: Allows to automatically pre- and sufix allocated regions.
  • allocator_with_stats: An allocator that collects a configured number of statistic information, like number of allocated bytes, number of successful expansions and high tide
  • bucketizer: Manages a bunch of Allocators with increasing bucket size
  • fallback_allocator: Either the default Allocator can handle a request, otherwise it is passed to a fall-back Allocator
  • (aligned_)mallocator: Provides and interface to systems ::malloc(), the aligned variant allocates according to a given alignment null_allocator An Null allocator
  • segregator: Separates allocation requests depending on a threshold to Allocator A or B
  • (shared_)freelist: Manages a list of freed memory blocks in a list for faster re-usage. (The Shared variant is thread safe)
  • (shared_)cascading_allocator: Manages in a thread safe way Allocators and automatically creates a new one when the previous are out of memory. (The Shared variant is thread safe, but it needs further improvements, because it does not frees unused allocators)
  • (shared_)heap: A heap block based heap. (The Shared variant is thread safe manner with minimal overhead and as far as possible in a lock-free way.)
  • stack_allocator: Provides a memory access, taken from the stack

So it's a solid base to start off of. Lots of GitHub 'stars' and followers, too.

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