So through my library, they have a subscription to an audiobook provider where I checked out a few books. I then went to their download section and under the book I checked out, it had a button that said, "Download (MP3 Audiobook)"; however, when I clicked the button it downloaded a .odm file instead of a .mp3 file. So, I'm looking for software that is able to convert .odm files to .mp3 file(s). I would like the software to meet these requirements,

  • Gratis
  • Compatible with Windows 10

The .odm file is not an actual audio book it is an XML media file that defines information about the audio book and where to download it from.

The application to open it is Overdrive Media which is a free application available for multiple platforms including Windows 8/10. Once you have that application you may find that it downloads the actual audio files in MP3 or another format that you can convert to MP3 or you may be happy enough just using that application.

The application can convert files to MP3 for playing on external media players.

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