A web-based open source software to compress PDF files, to submit files via a browser, but to install on my own Linux server and use its processing power.


  • A web interface. A command line software is acceptable as a last option because I can develop the web frontend, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

  • Linux compatible, regardless of the programming language.

  • Be able install it on my own server.

What I already know and found

  • Ghostscript: Linux compatible, I can install on my own server and it's open source. Obviously, since it is only a command line software, web interface is a feature that I will have to develop apart. (my best option, so far)

  • 3-Heights PDF Optimizer: Linux compatible, I can install on my own server, doesn't include a web interface but offers an API. Same cons from Ghostscript and it is not open source. (used in smallpdf.com)

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Have you looked at pdftk server:


  • Runs on Linux, OS-X & Windows
  • Can do a lot of pdf manipulations including Uncompress and Re-Compress Page Streams


  • Command Line
  • Not Open Source but from the web site:

If you plan to distribute PDFtk Server as part of your own software, you will need a PDFtk Server Redistribution License. The exception to this rule is if your software is licensed to the public under the GPL or another compatible license.

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