Most of my subjects allows taking a picture of our lecture from a blackboard, because of this I took advantage of it and take a picture of all the lectures that we have.

Yesterday my professor said that we can open all notes except notes from our phone. Because of this, I am not able to open any kind of notes that I have from a phone.

Question: Is there an application where I can convert a picture of our lecture to text so I can print it?

Printing the picture is possible but it can have a great impact on the ink of my printer.

Example of picture lecture:

Sample panorama photo Sample picture of a lecture

Actual Photo Actual Photo of lecture

Edit: I am taking a picture using android 6.0 lollipop (Android One phone) and I have a desktop PC windows 8 and 10.

Bonus: If my account permits, I am willing to give +50 points to anyone that can consider physics formula. There are lectures that I've got from physics or math subjects.

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    I would look into OCR software, it may; though, be difficult to do this with human handwriting
    – Tom
    Mar 11 '16 at 0:26
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    Yes, that's my concern also. Mar 11 '16 at 0:27
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    Hmm, I'll add an answer now but this looks promising
    – Tom
    Mar 11 '16 at 0:28
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    Alright, I won't add an answer, it seems that it can only read separated individual characters and looking at the picture, I think it may have a hard time with that.
    – Tom
    Mar 11 '16 at 0:40
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    ok, one more recommendation I'll try, please tell me if this works out, Infty Reader, it seems capable of both handwritten notes and mathematical formulas
    – Tom
    Mar 11 '16 at 0:45

Nice Inftyreader software. Personally I would just Photoshop and invert the pics or Color Range Select "White" then cut and paste on a black background then invert. Like these I did to your pics.

Invert 1

  • This does not convert the image to text
    – Tom
    Mar 11 '16 at 2:46
  • one of my problems is wasting printer ink, it seems that this answer a little side of my question. But yeah, you are not converting it to text Mar 11 '16 at 4:48
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    Discable, please link to the software, see its price, and describe the steps to make it do what the asker wants. Also, please clearly seperate from the Photoshop answer.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Mar 11 '16 at 5:56
  • Could we have some more information please? Mar 12 '16 at 3:22

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