I am looking for recommendations for a software application to assist in the overall study and to drill myself on the content related to SQL Server Administration, particularly Microsoft Certification tests Administering SQL Server 462 and Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 463.

I travel a lot and so being able to use it on the road / airport / airplane would be nice, and thus the iOS & offline usage request.. but something that runs on the PC or a Mac OS also works.

I am not looking for a T-SQL quizzer/flashcards, an offline SQLFiddle, or something focused just on the basics of Microsoft test 461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server which a lot of the iOS apps in the App Store I immediately found seemed to focus on or there content.

I am open to INTERACTIVE eBooks apps with built in INTERACTIVE tutorials though; and not just looking for PDF or Brain Dumps put in application form such as many apps on the app store by Aashita Jadhav which seem to dominate many search results.. but something INTERACTIVE.

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