Looking for a PDF viewer that can do the follow

  • given a folder that contains PDF files
  • open the first file in the folder (alphabetical order)
  • continue to open the next file in the folder once move past the last page of current file

Additional good to have feature

  • Able to jump to different files in the list and start viewing from that file
  • Able to define a list of files in order

It should be

Platform : OS X

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Preview can do that. Select all the pdf files you want to open (in the order you want them to open as), then double-click them. It will go to the second file once the first one ends, and you can jump from file to file, change order, etc.

  • Didn't know that this feature is right there all these time! Thanks!
    – kenchew
    Mar 15, 2016 at 1:17

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