When I am not in the range of any Wi-Fi, I need to connect my Windows 10 laptop with my mobile hotshot. But, the problem with this is that lots of background processes start using my costly 3G data.

I want a firewall program which should do this:

  • A turn ON and turn OFF feature so that I should work normally when I am in Wi-Fi.

  • When turned ON, it should disconnect all background processes by default.

  • When turned ON, it should allow only those programs which are selected by me. e.g. Chrome.

  • When turned OFF, my regular firewall should kick in.

Can you please suggest me such software?

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Windows Firewall Control (WFC)

Its a much simpler front-end for the stock Windows Firewall (WF). Its a double-edged sword since disabling WFC also disabled WF. You can set it to default WF which is 'low filtering' mode.

  • simple on/off toggle (I'd recommend using 'low filtering' mode for normal usage)
  • what you're looking for sounds like 'high filtering'
  • 'medium filtering', allowing whitelists
  • again, I'd suggest standard 'low filtering' mode

I haven't tried WFC on W10 though, the site said it should work just fine.

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