Is there a piece of software available for Linux that is a type of "system chooser?"

That is, I want to define a set of hostnames and user accounts, and be able to group them, and have software present me with a GUI for "selecting" one of these hosts whereby when I click on one, the action is to launch an SSH terminal to that target.

Bonus feature would be an omnibar-style search function.

I don't want anything that needs to run a process on the target hosts. PuTTY lets you set up a list of hosts, but doesn't allow you to organize them in any way.

Does such a thing exist?

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Termius (https://www.termius.com/) seems to have these features. It’s cross-platform. It does have some paid features, but the features you describe should be free.


Cockpit might be able to do that.

PuTTY can run on Linux and it has some sort of chooser.

But not sure if it fits your needs. They seem really wide from your description.

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