I am looking for a well supported (i.e. in active development or so mature that it can be a natural and uncontraversial choice) calendar library. I primarily need it to tell me when the next one or more dates are that match criteria I specify. The representative criteria I need to supply are:

Every 1-12 month(s) on the

  1. last Saturday
  2. last day
  3. first Saturday
  4. on # day

(Of course, if the library can handle these, it can likely handle a lot more that I may find useful at a later date.)

I will be using this library on OS X, so the preferred language of the library will be (in order of desirability) (a) Swift, (b) Objective-C, (c) C & (d) C++.

Apple's Cocoa classes supply two potential solutions:

  1. The EventKit classes. The provided API can handle everything I mentioned above. The problem with it is that it requires that I interact directly with the user's calendar and this is something I want to avoid.

  2. The NSCalendar & NSDateComponents classes. These can handle most of what I mentioned above, but I do not see a way to specify 'last', for example.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


One suggestion for you would be the wxWidgets library's wxDateTime class.

wxWidgets is written in C++ is both mature, (since 1992), and actively developed, is well documented and is cross platform. It is free, both Gratis & Open Source, but is usable on commercial projects.

Taking your examples in order:

  1. Every month on the last Saturday wxDateTime::SetToLastWeekDay
  2. Every month on the last day wxDateTime::SetToLastMonthDay
  3. Every month on the first day just set to first of the month
  4. Every month on day # just set to day # in the month
  5. Every month on the first Saturday wxDateTime::SetToWeekDay
  6. Every # months on the first Saturday wxDateTime::SetToWeekDay in a loop
  7. Every # months on day # just set to day # in the month in a loop
  8. Every # months on the last Saturday wxDateTime::SetToLastWeekDay in a loop

You do not have to use the whole of the wxWidgets library, (which gives you a full GUI development library), you can just use parts of it by not building it as a monolithic library.

Additional calendar type members in wxDateTime:

  • Date/Time parsing and formatting
  • Date/Time comparisons & calculations
  • Time zone calculations
  • Gregorian/Julian calendar calculations
  • Also includes the majority of holidays for IsWorkDay in selected countries.
  • Not epoch bounded - you can perform calculations on dates prior to 1970 the range of supported dates goes from about 4714 B.C. to some 480 million years in the future.

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