I am looking for a free video joiner for Windows XP and beyond, I have done a Google search for one, but the software only works with Vista. Here is the one I am referring to, http://www.freevideojoiner.com/

Thank you!


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I suggest taking a look at FFMPEG:

  • Free, Open Source
  • Cross Platform - but you will need to find an older build to run on XP, recent builds should be fine on Win7 and later.
  • Supports just about every video format as input and most as output
  • Command Line interface
  • Lots of options for splitting, joining, converting videos

If you cannot find one that can run on XP and your hardware will not support later editions I would suggest considering moving over to Linux.


On Windows XP and Windows 7 (at least), you could use Windows Movie Maker, included free with windows, and being able to do video joining, plus other things as well.

Regarding its availability on Windows XP: from a Microsoft forum post

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