I would like to listen to my personal MP3 files in Dropbox. When I go to www.dropbox.com and sign into my account, I can play music by simply clicking on MP3 files. Then a basic player pops up and you can listen to the song you picked. But the player isn’t anything special, and you can only listen to one song at a time.

I would like to have an extension that is able to play a list of music or a playlist file directly from Dropbox without downloading all of them.

I prefer Dropbox as cloud serivce, but if there is no solution with Dropbox, then Google Drive can be an alternative.


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For Google Drive you have Music Player for Google Drive, the Chrome App is just a link to that site. It is a simple music player that allows you to create, change, and load playlists:

Music Player for Google Drive is a simple and lightweight online music player for your audio files stored in Google Drive. It lets you open music files directly from Google Drive or from its own interface. Music Player for Google Drive offers:

  • Playback of MP3 files, MP4, AAC (iTune's .m4a files), OGG (Audio only), WAV (Chrome only), webm (Audio).
  • Support for ID3 tags v1 and v2as well as AAC file Tags.
  • Automatic display of Album covers.
  • Playlist support (beta!).
  • Shuffle, repeat.
  • Handles users signed-in multiple Google account elegantly.
  • Open Audio files directly from the Google Drive UI.

music player

With Groove you can play songs directly from OneDrive, and you can also create playlists:

groove player

  • Wish I could assign shortcuts on keyboard to control the playback. The good point is being "open source"
    – Sadegh
    Commented Feb 18, 2016 at 19:31
  • In mean while I found an extension which is better, but tnx for your replay.
    – Sadegh
    Commented Feb 18, 2016 at 19:36

Enjoy music player

enter image description here

Enjoy Music Player version 3

With Enjoy Music Player, you can play local and online music easily.


  • In the new version, Enjoy Music Player will auto update the songs list from the location you choose, when you new, deleted, renamed, or moved media files.

    1. Brand new UI, rebuild and redesign
    2. play local and online music
    3. Google Drive integration, for streaming music directly from your Google Drive
    4. Music Equalizer and fade in/out effect
    5. Mini mode
    6. Better performance ...

Shortcuts: If your Chrome version >= 35 you can manually add shortcuts by open the URL chrome://extensions/configureCommands then choose Enjoy Music Player to set them.

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