Is there any free nginx alternative that has {simple configuration}, {similar performance}, {gzipping output on the fly}, {multiple backend} but with max_conns directive (because we need to limit number of access to our slower backend)?

I found few alternative, but it doesn't seems support connection limiting to upstream/backend:

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Apache supports advanced load balancing.
I dont know if it works (and anybody tested and if worked please comment and say it works) cause I am now reading about it, but in
at the slide 22 says that you could use:

<Proxy balancer://foo>
 BalancerMember http://www1.example.com:80/ loadfactor=1
 BalancerMember http://www3.example.com:80/ loadfactor=1
 BalancerMember http://www2.example.com:80/ loadfactor=4 status=+h
 ProxySet lbmethod=bytraffic

something like this and you notice there is loadfactor I think it is what you are looking for.

There is another option, at slide 31 it says there is max, min, smax parameters which are:

connection pool:
– min
• Initial number of connections [0]
– max
• Hard maximum number of connections [1|TPC]
– smax:
• soft max - keep this number available [max]

And again if someone (or you yourself) tested it and worked properly please comment out and tell me to change this answer to tell others that its working.

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