Many people are familiar with common image viewers like IrfanView or xnView. They have the capability to display thumbnails of all the images in a folder, and then allow you to click on any thumbnail to quickly view that file.

I am looking for a similar application, but for PDF documents. I want to quickly see thumbnails for all the PDF files in a folder, and then be able to click on a thumbnail to quickly view it.

The thumbnails must be large enough to get a general idea of the contents of the PDF file. Thumbnails that are too small will not work.

Fast speed is very important. I need to look through thousands of PDF files.

The thumbnail functionality is the key. I'm good if it has to use an external application to view the PDF in full size. Or, if it includes its own full-size viewer, that is fine as well.

The application must work on . It must be . I prefer it to be , but that's not a requirement. I strongly prefer that it does not install any hooks into other applications, such as Windows Explorer.

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