Is there any Android app enabling an Android phone to pose as a mouse or keyboard through bluetooth without requiring the user to install an app on the PC? I just want to "pair" the "mouse" and start using it.

  • No. You'd need a app running on the PC. But, this post might help you. – danm Feb 28 '16 at 0:37
  • too bad, that post states it is a no-go, I imagined there would be a "classic bt pairing" like pairing a bt mouse on mac for example, just make - maybe the right question is how to ask it - make a smartphone behave as a bluetooth hid? dont know whether such hid protocol is actually supported - most mouses have a "usb dongle" but some like apple mouse dont need it, u just search for them and pair them with your pc if you have bluetooth... missing something? – Peminator Feb 29 '16 at 9:43

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