If anyone is familiar with iOS's TaskBook, it's a list/task manager with some convenient features that have become crucial to my workflow (lists typically contain hundreds up to 1000+ items).

Unfortunately, it is no longer in active development, so I need a replacement… but it has become difficult-to-impossible to find all of these features in one app.

Must have

  1. Runs on iPhone and iPad with automatic syncing
  2. Must allow a manual sort order
  3. Hard to find! — Instantly send any item directly to the top or bottom of the list (both would be ideal)
  4. Hard to find! — Instantly scroll (jump) to the top or bottom of the list
    (scroll-to-top is built into iOS, but not scroll-to-bottom)
  5. Quickly assign/reassign tags or categories to items (drag-and-drop in and out of tags is ideal)
  6. Search within a list (incremental search-as-you-type preferred)

Nice to have

  • Misc. notes attached to items (with an excerpt or indicator on the main list)
  • Quick tagging/untagging on main screen without a lot of context-switching
  • Tap-hold-drag to reorder items (without switching to an 'edit' mode with drag-handles)
  • Add items to the top or bottom of the list (not critical if I get #3 above)
  • Batch tagging or categorizing
  • Tags or categories show how many items are assigned to it
  • Check Wunderlist. I don't have time for a complete answer now.
    – user416
    Jun 13 '16 at 15:09
  • @JanDoggen Wunderlist does not have the hard-to-find items #3 and #4 (unless I'm missing something), otherwise it's comparable to any list manager. Thank you for the suggestion but doesn't meet my needs. Jun 28 '16 at 20:57

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