I need a free tool (software, IDE, whatever really) that

  • can generate XML files from XSD (multiple XSD’s if possible), and the opposite.
  • has a graphic help.
  • validates XML/XSD.

So far XmlSpy seems to do the trick but it's not free. I’ve also tried XmlPad but it doesn’t support generation of XML files from XSD.

Another thing is that I thought Eclipse can do those things but alas I couldn’t do again the generation of XML files from XSD, no idea if a plugin is needed though (that would be the best approach for me since I'm already using Eclipse for development).

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I've found that there aren't a whole lot of good freebies any more, which is a shame. As a professional .Net developer I do tend to use Visual Studio and there is a free Express Edition which you could use, however there are some limitations. You cannot:

  • Create an XML schema from an XML instance document.

  • View XSLT output from the XML Editor.

  • No smart validation while editing XSLT style sheets.

  • No XML Schema Explorer.

These may be deal breakers for you, or maybe not, however good and full-featured xml editors are hard to come by gratis these days: Most of the good ones have been bought, like XMLPad (now a paid for app) and a whole host of others.

I haven't tried it yet but there is one free editor I found called XML Copy Editor which is free and seems to be a current project. I am about to try it myself since I'd like something more lightweight than Visual Studio.

One slightly leftfield option might be XML Notepad 2007. This is still available from MS and Codeplex for free but it is looking a little dated and hasn't been touched since 2007 so may have bugs or fewer/older version of features you'd like.


Take a look at the python library xmlschema which seems to hit all of your points other than the Graphic Help. Both Python and it are free & cross platform.

  • Full XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 support
  • Building of XML schema objects from XSD files
  • Validation of XML instances against XSD schemas
  • Decoding of XML data into Python data and to JSON
  • Encoding of Python data and JSON to XML
  • Data decoding and encoding ruled by converter classes
  • An XPath based API for finding schema's elements and attributes
  • Support of XSD validation modes strict/lax/skip
  • Remote attacks protection by default using an XMLParser that forbids entities
  • XML data bindings based on DataElement class
  • Static code generation with Jinja2 templates

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