Is there any App Launcher for Windows 7 in which you can place shortcuts of your favorite applications? I've got a lot of software which I would like to categorize and place them where I can easily start them.

Pokki is very beautiful and very handy but it's super slow and uses extensive resources.


RocketDock is also very useful but it's not being updated any longer and it only appears as either vertical or horizontal bar.


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I vote for Launchy. You can configure which folders it has to search – so besides your applications it can offer you your favorite PDF's, Excel sheets, e-books etc.

It also can be configured to search inside words, so you can find your YearReport.doc by typing rep .


I found Launchy to be quite useful, although it doesn't have the fancy interface Pokki has.


I've been using RocketDock for a couple of years. And by installing the Stacks Docklet you have the option of setting up folders of icons grouped by type.

In the Stacks Docklet you have the option of having these folders opening up in a GRID "underneath" the RocketDock.

** Please Note ** There is a "difficulty" if you are using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, but there is a very easy workaround.

Even though it's no longer being "supported" by it's author, it has never given me any problems and as indicated above, when a "new" problem was found upon the release of Windows 7 64-bit OS, someone out there sat down and figured out what the problem was and a way around it.

Still the best way to go!

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