Are there any libraries to play media, such as video or audio, in Java 6 and onwards? As far as i can tell, JMF is from Java 2 and there dont seem to be any alternatives.

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    What is wrong with the solution(s) you have tried so far? Also, do you need to support any patent-encumbered format/codec? – Nicolas Raoul Apr 3 '14 at 5:47

Wikipedia has an Alternative section of JMF. As far as I can tell JMF has some problems on handling various newer formats. I would suggest to use equivalent libraries to the kind of multimedia you want to process.
For example:
For handling audio files use implementations of the Java Sound API such as JavaLayer and/or MP3SPI. For playing videos you can use an embedded vlc player API such as this.(Those options mentioned are free and open-source, I imagine there are other proprietary libraries which might suit you better)

NOTE: I thought java7 has a media API but I'm having a hard time to find and use it as shown here.

Hope I helped a little!

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